hublot Series - hublot Brito enamel watches Classic Fusion

Hublot collision with traditional enamel so incredible! But seems thin, this watch was still vividly reflects the unique brand Hublot genes and ideas.Classic Fusion When the exquisite art of Creators met ingenuity technology, Classic Fusion watches enamel Brito to the United States become the perfect embodiment Fusion - combining traditional techniques with each other, "a large fire enamel ‖ and modern Pop Art and Cubism to Romero Britto (Romero Britto) works perfectly rendered collision blend of both art and technology, achievements Hublot immortal masterpiece.

All along, the enamel is brilliant because we all visitors, fine micro-painted, material properties and temperature control, they are all fine. Adhering to the works of Romero Britto's style, wit gorgeous and bright, dial production experts work meticulously reproduce the outline, then after the pressure of platinum on it, fill in the enamel of sophisticated technology to make the next step ready. First Master enamel enamel ground in a mortar, and then layer by layer spread on the dial. A variety of colors you need gurus patiently answered their deployment. Faithful to the original as possible, enamel masters strict compliance with Romero Britto choose the deployment method acrylic enamel paint stain - selected 12 kinds of opaque color swatch from 250 kinds of colors, but these colors for burning system is extremely sensitive to temperature, the high control difficult. To about 800 degrees Celsius continuously fired, each color can be firmly adhered to the top metal. Because each color separately fired, so it takes a few days until the whole picture is presented in the wrist into confusion. Thus, within the Hublot perfectly reproduce enamel fill Romero Britto classic design. In the actual firing process, the enamel to - metal wires ‖ into small pieces, which lay very fine, and therefore almost impossible to find. In the manufacturing process the dial to reproduce the works of microscopic fine art can be described as challenging, if living in marital harmony and vibrant color dial vividly in front of the enduring masterpieces in order to come out. Classic Fusion Brito reproducing enamel watches Classic Fusion - Fusion ‖ time, the historic art into the design of modern extreme - giving Romero Britto works on a two-dimensional dial with a unique three-dimensional miniature Int. Classic Fusion Brito enamel gold or platinum watch two versions to choose from ceramic, with a black alligator strap sewn on top of the rubber.

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